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Similarities between Aztecs and Incase

Similarities Between Aztecs & Incas

Aztecs and Incas are some of the greatest Central and South American civilizations. Originally Pre-European, they represent the grand accomplishment of civilizations from the old world. And even today as we read about their history, we can’t help but marvel over their achievements. While these two civilizations had their differences, they also had common practices.  …

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What did the Aztecs Accomplish

What did the Aztecs Accomplish?

In the 15th century, the Aztecs were a powerful and advanced civilization that dominated the majority of modern-day Mexico. At their apex, they created a highly ordered society centered mostly on religion.  Aqueducts were built, agriculture was nurtured, and their kingdom appeared to be always expanding. Astrology was perhaps one of the Aztec civilization’s most …

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What Happened to the Aztecs and the Mayans

What Happened to the Aztecs and the Mayans?

Despite the rapid growth both civilizations had witnessed throughout the centuries, the Aztecs and Mayans eventually came to an end for different reasons.  Overpopulation, foreign invasion, insurrection, and the loss of trade means are all hypotheses for the demise. The Mayans had also suffered from drought, deforestation, and starvation. As for the Aztecs, in 1521, …

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What Were Aztecs Temples Made Of?

What Were Aztecs Temples Made Of?

The Aztecs utilized tezontle, a bright and easy-to-cut volcanic stone, as the foundation for their structures. Local stone resources like rubble and limestone were also employed by the Aztecs, and they were often traded. The Aztecs cut their stones primarily for adornment, giving their structures and materials a distinct appearance that provided texture and visual …

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