German Opinion of American Soldiers WW2

German Opinion of American Soldiers In WW2

For decades, since the end of WWII (World War II) narratives have tainted the German Soldiers as unkind tools for Nazi ideals. Whether it’s a book or movie about this war, none of them seems to spare these soldiers from ridicule.

But, ever wondered what Germans soldiers’ opinions about this brutal war would be like? Well here’s a candid report generated in 1919 revealing the thought of German soldiers about American soldiers during WW2. They are a compilation of intercepted letters, and soldier comments during an interview, among others. Let’s start:

What Did German Soldiers Think Of American Soldiers?

Here is a brief review of what the German Soldiers thought of American soldiers after WWII. We will cover it according to different titles as follows:

Opinion on American soldiers’ character during the battle:

  • According to one of the German soldiers, there were only a few American soldiers but their fight was ruthless.
  • Another claim Americans were worthy fighters, quite reckless but had nerve.
  • The accuracy of Americans war weapons needed improvement.
  • American soldiers are very honorable considering the many wars and enemies they’ve battled over the years.
  • Before the war began, everyone believed that Americans were money hunting. Too absorbed in the chase for money to create a formidable military force. But after encountering them, it was something else. And even though they’ve suffered defeat, there’s no nation besides the US that can conquer them in war.

Americans as their prisoners of war:

  • The Americans would complain about the food, which was indeed bad all the time.
  • They were bad prisoners since they won’t talk or work.

As American’s prisoners of war:

  • According to postal censorship, most letters from German POWs were kudosfor the good treatment they were receiving.

American officers and subordinate relationship:

  • The American officer relationship with their subordinate soldiers was different from what they were accustomed to. If any, they received better treatments. Back in their homeland, their officers would treat them like cattle.
  • The subordinate soldiers lacked iron discipline when it comes to their officers. However, their cordial relationship compensated for this.

American soldiers as occupiers:

  • The American soldiers were often described as a group of wild Indians. However, that notion changed with their arrival. To everyone’s surprise, they were pleasant towards the civilians.
  • They were more considerate when it comes to civilians’ private rights as compared to how German troops handled inhabitants in other territories.


World War II was a brutal affair and that’s why its end was met with joyous celebrations. With rivals facing each other head to head, there was intense destruction of properties and countless loss of lives. But even so, the above brief insight on the German Opinion of American Soldiers provides you with a different side of the story.

It gives you an idea of what goes on in the soldiers’ minds before and after the war and also what happens when they are in the hands of the enemy as prisoners of war.