How Close Was Germany To Winning WW2?

How Close Was Germany To Winning WW2?

Ever wonder what today would be like if Germany had won WW2? Mind blowing, right! But even as we celebrate the triumphs during this war, did you know the win was not guaranteed? In many occasions, Germany had chance of winning this war, and many historians agree with this. Their defeat in this war wasn’t because of the allies’ campaigns only, but rather caused by even larger factors.

With that said, how close was Germany to winning WW2? Well, at the beginning, the odds were against them. Allied with imperial Japan, it was a gamble for the two nations to go on war and clam victory. On the other end, winning would mean significant gain on their territories.

Betting on early victories, Germany was not in a wartime economy when they launch this war. It was until 1942, that they transitioned to war economy after Albert Speer became the Minister of Armaments. As such, they were targeting an earlyvictory, which was possible were it not for certain factors.

And for a moment, the plan was going well. In 1940, they were victorious in France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, meaning it was time to concur Britain. On the Eastern front, he launched an attack on 1941 to gain more resources they needed to defeat Britain.While it wasn’t a bright idea to fight on both front, it worked and they secured part of the Soviet Union.

Now, the vital place they were left to take over was Moscow and Caucus. The victory went through 1942, and for a moment, Germany victory in World War II seemed possible.  But that changed on 1943.

Did Germany Have Any Chance Of Winning WW2?

Well, they had multiple chancesof winning this war; however, certain major factors just meant they would lose. For starters:

  • Choice of Equipments

It’s no secret that Germans had some of the finest military equipments during that time. But evens so, they also lacked in other ways. While they had powerful fleets in the seas, the British Royal Navy happened to be better. Although the triumph in the Spanish Civil W meant they had powerful air craft, it was not that effective as they anticipated.

  • Industry

During this war, countries like the US shifted to a war economy. However, Germany was still on anormal economy until 1942. That meant they had gained far less war equipment to use.

  • History on British wars

They forgot to consider one of the most important things during the battle with Britain, the history of their opponent. Since 1066, there have been no successful invasions of Britain. Without air control over Great Britain, an invasion would be impossible.

  • Multiple Front War

War with Great Britain meant a battle with multiple campaigns. Further, the invasion of Soviet Union plus war declaration on the US meant exhaustion of available resources. This meant to could have been easier if they’d focused on one front at a time.

  • Lessons from the past

Germany loss during the World War I was a result of fighting two fronts and this was a great lesson they should have learnt from during the Second World War. Furthermore, they forgot to take into account the harsh Russian winter. That means they lose to Soviet Union when winter among other factors overwhelmed their army.

How Close Was Germany To Developing An Atomic Bomb?

The news of German Atomic Bomb development during World War II was threatening to all their all rivals. It all started in 1938 with a landmark discovery by Fritz Strassmann and Otto Hahn German Chemists when they uncovered Uranium Fission through bombardment with neutrons.

Whilethis discovery was used in the development of Atomic Bomb during World War II, it failed. The research went on several development phases and then came to a halt when it reached laboratory level. In 1939, the second trial was set off.

And thus time, it was split into three major focuses, the nuclear reactor, Uranium Isotope Separation and production of heavy water. In 1942 after multiple research efforts, the project was awarded to the Research Council, and then given to nine different but major institutes to work on it.

But even with all these efforts, it was unsuccessful. In 1943, the US setup a mission to discover the progress of Germay on the atomic bomb. However, the evidence provided in 1944 proved that Germans were not anywhere close to making the bomb.


Finally, was Germany going to win this World War II? Well, they had a chance were it not several factors and some poor decisions. Not having a war economy until 1942, shows, they were determined to win this war during the first phase. It started well with multiple triumphs from 1940 to 1942. However, the situation didn’t turn out as they had hoped for.

The war prolonged against their hopes and the battle on two fronts meant thefew resources they had were stretched beyond limit, the final blow being the failure to develop and complete the atomic bomb.