How Long Did It Take To Build Rome?

How Long Did It Take To Build Rome?

“Rome wasn’t built in one day” is a phrase renowned across the world. It’s a reminder that great things take time to mature. However, what’s even more interesting is the history behind its founding to the last days of existence. Speaking of founding, how long did it take to build Rome? Well, the time is relative and it depends on a different perspective.

Further, what seems to remain consistent is the time of initiating this great ancient city and that’s 753 B.C. But even so, research indicates that the city was in existence 600B.C. as a farming settlement.

Though it started earlier, Rome reached its peak of great building designs around 40 B.C. and 230 A.D. This is the period where iconic structures like the Amphitheatre of Pompei, the Colosseum, Castel Sant’Angelo, and Pantheon were designed. But centuries later, the empire lost its wealth and collapsed due to the invasion in 476 A.D.

Therefore, as per the dates provided by ancient historical experts, Rome was built about 1,229 years. And this is from finding the difference between the founding period and the day of fall.

Who Built Rome?

According to legends that describe the origin of Rome, the city’s name may have been coined from its founder. And that’s the legendary ruler “Romulus”. According to sources, Romulus had a twin brother called Remus. Apparently, they were descendants of Aeneas, Trojan hero and, children of god Mars. After being abandoned as infants, a she-wolf suckled them.

The twin brothers decided to found a city, but due to disagreement, Remus was killed by Romulus. And thereafter, he crafted the City’s name Rome from his. After naming and establishing the city, he then allowed classes of all men to come and be citizens of Rome. And this included everyone from freemen to slaves without demarcations.

Why Did Rome Fall?

Several factors contributed to the fall of Rome, but the most significant one was invasion by Barbarian Tribes. This is one of the most direct theories that explain the fall of Rome. For centuries, Rome had entwined with barbarian tribes,but the loss of military strength and encroachment beyond its borders by tribes like the Goths weakened them further.

In the late fourth century, they stood against a Germanic uprising. However, in 410, The City of Rome was overpowered and sacked by King Alaric. In the following decades, the entire empire was under constant threat.

Later, in 455, it received another blow and this time it was from Vandals,but the greatest blow was in 476. This was when Odoacer – a Germanic leader – overthrew Romulus Augustulus marking the end of the Roman Empire. From then henceforth, no Roman Emperor ruled from Italy.

The fall of the great Roman Empire was a result of multiple factors rather than a single cause. With that said, here is a list of reasons that contributed to the fall of Rome beside the Barbarian tribes’ invasion:

  • The Establishment of the Eastern Empire
  • Economic Troubles
  • Erosion of roman traditional value system by Christianity
  • Government Instability
  • Overexpansion
  • Loss of military power by the empire

How Long Did It Take To Build The Roman Colosseum?

The Roman Colosseum is one of the architectural marvels from the Roman Empire that has stood the test of time. An awe-inspiring, the construction of this majestic structure was initiated in 70AD. And after 10 years of construction, it was opened to the public in 80 AD. It played a role as an arena, but also called the Flavian Amphitheatre.

Many centuries-old, it’s one of the most iconic and enduring symbols of the ancient world and Italy at large. The construction laborers were mainly Jewish Slaves, as many as over 100,000. Most of them were from the city of Jerusalem as after its siege in the same period the colosseum constructions began.

How Long Did It Take To Build The Roman Forum?

The Roman Forum was a center point for Civic Life during the reign of the Roman Empire. For over a millennium, this place developed gradually until it reached its might. The first recorded construction wasat the end of 8BC to early 7AD.

Among the earliest monuments in the Roman Forum that still exist include the Temple of Castor and Pollux which it dates back to 495BC, during the Roman Republic. While we know about the first monuments, the Column of Phocas marks the last built structure in Roman Forum. This monument dates back to 608AD.

How Long Did It Take To Build The Roman Wall

Also known as the Wall of Hadrian, the Roman Wall stood as the Roman Empire’s northwest frontier for almost 300 years. It was built by the Roman legions following the order from Emperor Hadrian. Thus it was serving as a boundary between the barbarians and Roman Empire.

The building of this wall was initiated in 122AD, and the completion took 6 years. As it was originally designed, the structure comprises turf and stones and after each mile, there’s a guarded gate plus observations towers on both ends. Also, a deep and wide ditch was to front the wall before its completion. In addition, 14 forts were incorporated along the wall.

How Long Did It Take To Build The Roman Roads

Unfortunately,there are no written records of how long it took to build the Roman Roads. Furthermore, there’s no indication ofthe number of people who served as laborers to build these roads. However, the first roads were built as early as 300BC during their invasions.

Through these roads, the legions would defend the empire efficiently. It facilitated the easy movement of the military from one point to another, especially during attacks. Also, the same roads were handy to merchants during peaceful days. It eased movements of goods and trade within the empire, which generated more taxes for the governing body.


Back to our initial question, how long did it take to build Rome? This is a puzzling question since many answers can be derived depending on a different interpretation. However, what’s clear is that this great empire started in 753BC after its naming and establishment by Romulus.

Thereafter, the empire experienced multiple expansions following the conquest of neighboring regions. However, with the expansion, multiple external threats, strain on finances, and division among governors, it collapsed in 476 AD. And from this finding, it took 1229 years to build Roman Empire, from the establishment to its fall.

But even so, some of its colossal and impressive structure stood the taste of time. This includes the likes of Roman Forum, Colosseum, Roman Wall, and Roads capturing people’s attention from all over the world.