How Tall Was Genghis Khan?

How Tall Was Genghis Khan?

How tall was Genghis Khan? This is one of the most frequent questions across the internet. While it’s so, no one or no record can easily define the height of this great warrior and emperor of all time. However, going by available historical records, he is estimated to be over 5’7” tall.

And that’s not all, there’s also the absence of a definitive account that can provide his description. While height is relative, most historic sources only identify him as tall. However, with the help of the average height of men during his reign, you could approximate his height.

Speaking of that, the average height of Mongolian height is 5’6”, on the other hand, the Koreans are 5’9”. This tells you exactly how tall were the Mongols.  Using this data, you could say he was somewhere between 5.8” to 5.9” tall.

Was Genghis Khan Short Or Tall?

Well, the height of a person is often relative. And that’s what makes it challenging to rank Genghis as either tall or short. However, most accounts that provide his description don’t provide a specific numerical figure. If anything, they are mostly descriptive. And it’s only courtesy of a Persian Chronicle from the 14th century that we have an idea of his look.

According to Rashid al-Dim, the author, Khan was tall and strong. Also, he had bushy beards, a flowing red mane, and green eyes. But one description that doesn’t luck in all historical accounts is that he was a formidable warrior and emperor of all time.

Was Genghis Khan Turkish?

Going by his place of birth and lineage, he was from a nomadic tribe of Mongolia rather than Turkish. To account for this, he was born close to Burkhan Khaldun, a mountain in northeastern Mongolia. Also, this place is near Ulaanbaatar, a city in Mongolia. He is a descendant of Yesugei and Hoelun.

His father was a prominent chief of the Khamag Mongol Confederation (a major Mongolian tribe). Furthermore, his father was from the Borjigin tribe a sub-clan of Mongols. On the other hand, his mother Hoelun was from the Olkhunut. This was a tribe with close relation to one of the major Mongolian tribes, Hongirad and their descendants are still in Mongolia up to date.

Was Genghis Khan Civilized?

Beyond his fierce qualities when it comes to military qualifications, he was also civilized. He advanced his empire in many other ways besides military conquests. For starters, he advocated for literacy by adopting the Uyghur script, it was a writing system to be used by the entire Mongol Empire. Further, he employed meritocracy that enhancedthe economic success of his empire. During his reign, he campaigned for religious tolerance, and by doing so, he unified various nomadic tribes. Most importantly, he’s known for bringing cohesion on the Silk Road which was politically split. As such, this enhanced communication among various tribes, races, and religious traders.

Was Genghis Khan A King?

Yes, he was. He had a humble beginning but rose into becoming one of the most admired yet fierce emperors of all time. Speaking of that, he founded the Great Mongol Empire by uniting the nomadic and settled tribes in the regions. aAter becoming the Mongols universal ruler, he extended his rule through Mongol Invasions.

As a result, he conquered the largest part of Eurasia creating the biggest contiguous empire. His campaigns reached far south and far west of Egypt and Poland respectively. Because of the raids that reached up to medieval Georgia, they aroused different reactions. Some would call them fearsome while others would adore their accomplishment throughout history.


Finally, Genghis Khan has many qualities as a result of the way he founded and reigned over his empire. While it’s still a puzzle how tall he was, we can settle on him being tall. Other qualities include a civilized and gifted warrior from the Mongol tribe who united the tribes and founded the Mongol Empire.