Mayan vs Aztec Facial Features

Mayan vs Aztec Facial Features

Both the Mayans and Aztecs are ancient civilizations in America. While they had contrasting features, they were also alike in some way. In this text, we look at Mayans vs Aztec Facial Features. In a previous post, we already covered what happened to both of these great civilization.


  • Eye Color

When it comes to eyes, the Mayans were born with dark eyes. Often, due to their beauty traditions, most of them had crossed eyes. On the other end, the Aztecs had either dark or brown eyes owing to their light skin complexion. Also, they were almond-shaped and some would have antic folders at the end corners of their eyes.

  • Facial Shape

Both the Mayans and Aztecs prized having a flat forehead. While each one of them was born with a normal forehead, they would flatten it using beautification techniques. Often, this process will start on an individual when they are days old. And the process will complete after 6 months.

With Mayans, the mother would take a flat board and press it against their forehead at a specific angle. The pressure would change the infant’s head from normal to flat. On the other hand, the Incas would use braided wool. They would wrap it around the infants for over a year to modify the shape. End of it all, both civilizations had elongated heads as a result of this.

  • Facial Color

Aztecs’ facial color ranged from light to dark brown. On the other hand, the Mayans had a dark facial tone.

  • Nose

Most of the Mayans had big noses, and this was a good thing. Those who were not born with it would use artificial means to compensate for it. Aztecs on the other hand had enlarged noses with beauty hooks.

  • Scalp Hair

In both groups, they grew their hair long whether it was men or women. However, the difference came in on how they designed their hair. Men would have locks or pigtails. Women would leave theirs to hang loose except during festivity.


While they were based miles apart, Mayan and Aztec facial features seem to share some features. However, there are contrasting features like skin tones and eye color that cut across. While some of these differences are biological, others are a result of traditional beauty concepts. For instance, both civilizations cherish having a flat forehead. And that’s not all, both Mayans and Aztecs apply the same concept to achieve this result.

However, the difference only comes in the material they use for the process. When it comes to their noses, there’s a difference. While Mayan prized elongated or a big nose, the Aztec’s focus was on beauty marks. They used hooks to enhance their facial appearance. Lastly, we can all agree that both Mayans and Aztecs shared common facial features but also had differences.