What Could You Buy With 800 Rubles In 1986?

What Could You Buy With 800 Rubles In 1986?

From 1917, the ruble was declared the USSR currency. It was used throughout the Russian empire as well as the Soviet Union. Also, it happened to be Europe’s first currency to be split further or decimalized. With one ruble, you can further subdivide it to 100 kopeks.

Besides the Russian Federation, South Ossetia and Abkhazia partially identified as republics also use the ruble currency. In addition, there is Luhansk and Donetsk, which are unrecognized republics using the same currency. However, from September 1993, there was a change of this currency from SUR (Soviet Ruble) to RUR (Russian Ruble) at an equal rate.

However, in 1998, RUR was further transformed to RUB due to the financial crisis in that year. But this time, 1RUB was equaled to 1000 RUR as the exchange rate. Today, only Transnistria, Belarus, and Russia are using this currency.

What Could You Buy With 800 Rubles In 1986?

In 1986, 800 rubles was a significant amount of money. When you consider the average income of a worker during that time, this was over ten times their salary andfor a person earning a good salary (200 rubles), this was four times what they earned.

However, those in the positions of the top level in companies would earn more, about 500 rubles monthly. Therefore being in possession could mean you are well off.

For starters: With this money in 1986, you could afford a decent countryside home in USSR. Often, this would be a three to four months salary for high earners and when it comes to low-income earners, this is almost an entire salary given to them at once.

Furthermore, This could afford you the best dining experience for two people plus some wine with 5 rubles. With the change, you could still ride from Moscow- St Petersburg with 10 to 12 rubles via train. And if you prefer to travel by air, a ticket would cost 20 rubles.

Further, you could stop by the auto shop and buy a new motorbike worth 300 rubles and remain with good money. However, to upset your balance significantly, buying electronics like a TV set or Refrigerator would cost about 400 rubles and 100 to 300 rubles respectively.

Overall, if you want to spend this entire money at a go, you could buy pieces of furniture for your household, consumer electronics, and sophisticated electronics. But even so, spending this money would mean a lot of effort. With a fewer stock of products in shops and stores, it took time to get something expensive. 


Undoubtedly, 800 rubles in 1986 was no small money. It could boost the social status of many small income earners, considering their average pay was 70 rubles. To high earners, this is two months’ worth of income at once if they earned 400 rubles. While spending it could get you some of your dream items, sourcing the products was a problem. Often, the shops or stores were half empty.

And if you needed to get something worth over half this amount, this meant you will wait in line longer. With that said, getting items like TV sets and Refrigerators was no easy task. They were in short supply and many people needed them. The same goes with Motorbikes and vehicles if you could afford one.