What Did The Aztecs Look Like?

What Did The Aztecs Look Like?

Aztecs short, sturdy, and rarely grow past 5’6”. The men were the tallest in the community with an average height of 5’5” to 5’8”. On the other hand, women were shorter with a delicate built. On average, they would be about 4’8” tall.

Their facial complexion was somehow light brown, but there were those with dark brown skin. Further, you could easily identify them with their facial appearance. They had a broad face, very prominent with brown/ dark eyes that were shaped like almonds. Their nose was large and often wore hooks as beauty traditions. Want to learn more, read on.

What Did The Aztecs Look Like?

  • Physical Appearance

They adopted a tradition of flattening heads – a tradition they share with Mayans. As such, some of them would have conical heads with flat foreheads. However, you can only get this during the infant stage. Once you are past that, it’s impossible to flatten your forehead.

They never kept beards and when it grew, they would use tweezers to pluck the beards off. Also, mothers would use hot cloth on their son’s face to prevent the growth of facial hair. On the other hand, both men and women kept long hair.

It was course but long and thick. Often,warriors, priests, and civilians would have distinct hair. Women however left their hair loose unless on special occasions such as celebrations.

Further, both genders had physical endurance. From childhood, they would do hard physical jobs enabling their body to adapt. Often, long-distance travel would involve both genders, including carrying goods throughout the journey.

  • Dressing

Men wore a distinct loincloth and put on a traditional cape known as tilma. The difference in the trim, the fabric used and the mode of wearing of this cape provided social distinction. Women on the other end wore long skirts and a blouse, In addition, they tied the sash around their waist.

Children would wear nothing until they are 3 to 4 years of age. At this age, boys would have their tilma and girls short skirts with a blouse. However, the girls’ skirts would become longer as they get older.

  • Personality

According to the Spanish, Aztecs were well mannered, skillful, tireless, robust, and very moderate. They are warlike and could face danger or death without hesitation. As a result of these qualities, they were teachable and could adapt quickly.

Further, their humility also rose with their ranks. The nobles were humbler than their subjects. However, this 16th-century description of Aztecs by the Spanish may seem out of place considering have a history of ruthlessness. However, this difference is less real and more apparent.

What Did An Aztec Family Look Like?

Aztecs had a bilateral family. That means both relatives from the mothers and fathers were equal. Also, the family inheritance was for both the sons and daughters. As a result, women could have their properties just like men. With that said, women in the family had economic freedom.

Further, the family was very close and when children were born, they were deemed god-given as rewards. But even so, they were to show respect to their parents including the community elders and if the parents die, the children would be sent to their uncles or aunts.

In the household, the father was responsible for the son’s education until they were ready for school. On the other hand, mothers were responsible for girls. Divorce was not there, but in the case where they have to, each party will retain their properties.

However, if there’s a party guilty of the separation, they would lose half of what they own. Couples divorced or bereaved could remarry to partners of their choice.


When it comes to Aztecs, there’s always something to marvel at about them. Whether it’s their way of life, engineering, or how they look. At the family level, you can tell they are gentle people with close bonds.

With shared responsibility when it comes to looking after kids and the household, they were advanced socially. When it comes to appearance, they stood by their traditions. From how they dress to the shaping of their heads, they are a remarkable ancient civilization.